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We are a small kennel operation, with all puppies and dogs raised in our house. I purchased my first wire Aug., 1990 from Joyce Duncan. Jazzie gave me, my first taste of conformation showing. Since then I have expanded with several purchases and breeding. My first litter consisted of a single female puppy called Diamond. (CH. PAIGEWYRE EVER LASTING LOVE) . I do very limited showing due to work commitments, but still breed to the standard, watching pedigree's very closely for any problem that may occur.


The Fox Terrier is a small black and white disturbance which afflicts and delights many families. The Fox Terrier has straight legs, and an active expressive face, a lean well-shaped head, talkative eyes and a nose which leads him from one misdemeanor to another. Originally he had a liberal tail, but it has been edited and revised by man. This has been done because when a Fox Terrier's tail was as active as his head it took two people to watch him.

The Fox Terrier is a house pet and is clean and dainty in his habits. He lives on meat, milk, potatoes, mice, old shoes, curtains, books, hats and tablecloths. In return for this diet he guards the house with unremitting ferocity. No burglar can come near without dislodging an eruption of barks from the faithful brute. He also guards the house against all cats, dogs, taxicabs, late pedestrians, dead leaves and moonbeams which may chance to pass at night.

He wants to be part of everything that's happening and usually manages to shoulder his way in.

- anonymous
Paigewyre Kennels
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